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What to Look For When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal defence lawyer

You or someone you know has been charged with a crime. You're not entirely sure how to find and hire a criminal defence lawyer in Niagara, but you do recognize that you need one.

You are also apprehensive about choosing the wrong lawyer, and the whole process seems like a hassle.

Let us put your fears to rest. This guide will walk you through the various considerations of choosing the right lawyer for your specific case.

Let's get started.

What Are You Paying For?

The first thing you should consider is what you're expected to pay for. Lawyers have varying charges. Some may charge you consultation fees, and others may offer you a free consultation.

Examining your documents or evidence, making court appearances, building a good legal defence, negotiating on your behalf, keeping you well-informed, and gathering additional evidence for your case will incur separate charges.

If your case is not resolved, it will go to trial. The legal fees thereon depend on the duration for which your case is in the trial.

Do know some lawyers charge more than others for these services, so talk to your lawyer about their charges and find one that works within your budget. Some lawyers may also negotiate their costs based on the budget you have and the case in question, so don't be afraid to negotiate.

Location and Relevant Field of Practice

Ideally, you want your lawyer to have their office be in the same province as you are.

Additionally, it would be best if you also considered the expertise of the lawyer. There are various branches of law and fields to specialize in, even within criminal law. Consider the years of experience within the field, their reputation, and look at similar cases that they've handled before.

Most lawyers have a website that makes it easy for you to look through reviews and gauge the lawyer's general public perception.

Point of Contact and Approachability

Finally, you also need to know who your point of contact will be throughout the course of the proceedings. It is every lawyer's obligation to keep their clients updated and informed of their case developments.

You should be able to rely on your lawyer for prompt legal advice, reassurance, honesty, and sound communication. Talk to your lawyer to ensure that you will have a place to turn to in case of emergencies or a sounding board for new legal developments.

Finding the Best Criminal Defence Lawyer in Niagara

The right criminal defence lawyer should be competent, approachable, and able to answer the questions you put forth to them.

At J. Leigh Daboll Law, we are dedicated to giving every one of our client's practical legal advice and competent representation. With over twenty years of experience, we have both the experience and the knowledge to give your case the individual attention it deserves. Get in touch with our office to schedule an appointment with a qualified criminal defence lawyer in Niagara.


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