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About Hughes & Brannan Law Office

Our law firm was established in 1986 by James D. Hughes (Jim) and became Hughes & Brannan Law Office in 1990 when Katrina A. Brannan joined the firm (Retired as of July 31st, 2019). We enjoy one of the most prolific Personal Injury practices in the Province which is supported by our general practice in Family Law, Real Estate Law, Criminal Law and Wills and Estates. We kept our firm deliberately small, growing only when the right candidates came along. 

The firm has some of the most experienced and professional support staff in the Province, including Louise Lane (33 years of Real Estate experience; retired), Lisa Keats (25 years of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation experience; retired) and Melanie Benoit (17 years of Family and Property Law experience), to name a few. We take great pride in our professional and knowledgeable paralegal staff who have contributed greatly to our success. 

Although we all must recognize that the practice of law is a business, we go to great lengths not to treat it as one thereby ensuring our client’s interest, well-being and success become our ultimate goal.

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