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Top Five Tips to Choose a Great Business Lawyer

A great business lawyer can make your life a lot easier as an entrepreneur.

Starting a company in the Niagara region is a savvy business move. Real estate is still relatively affordable, and there's a growing population of potential customers eager for new businesses to open. To ultimately find success, however, you need a good business lawyer.

Choosing a business lawyer doesn't have to be hard, although it can be overwhelming if you don't know what to look for. In this post, we will tell you the top 5 tips for choosing a business lawyer in Niagara. Once you've got one you trust, you'll find that every other aspect of your business will run more efficiently.

1. Do They Take Interest In Your Vision?

When you hire a business lawyer, you'll quickly see how closely they work with you on the ins and outs of your business. Yes, they help you stay out of legal trouble, but they also make sure your contracts work, help you get paid, help settle disputes, and can advise you on other matters as well.

If your lawyer is alongside you on your business journey, you should have confidence that they believe in you and your company. It's important to meet with lawyers before selecting one to see how they fit in with your vision.

2. What Is Their Expertise?

Lawyers have different levels of experience in different areas. The last thing you want to happen is that you make a snap decision on a lawyer only to find out that they don't have any experience with small business law.

Do your research and find a lawyer that can do the work you need them to. J Leigh Daboll has been a trusted business lawyer in the Niagara region for the past 20 years. No matter what the legal needs of your business are, J Leigh Daboll is prepared to help.

3. Proof Of Experience

Having experience is one thing, but having satisfied customers that are willing to vouch for your work is another. It's important to look at former customer testimonials before hiring an attorney to help your business.

A good lawyer will display their testimonials on their website, but you can also find these on local listings like Yelp and Google.

4. Firm Size

There are perks of going with a larger firm in some situations, but more often than not, your small business won't get the attention it deserves (they simply love to focus on big bsiness), and it's almost always going to cost more; a lot more in many cases. When it comes to business law, it's better to go for an independent lawyer so that you can build a more personal and meaningful working relationship.

When you choose J Leigh Daboll, you're getting a dedicated lawyer that understands how to do business in Niagara. Whether you're a restauranteur, contractor or a farmer, he can help you plan and structure your business in a way that'll give it longevity. After all, he is a small businessman himself.

5. Money

Of course, you'll want to choose a lawyer that fits your budget. This is another thing that you'll need to discuss with a lawyer before hiring them. Contact us at J Leigh Daboll's law office today to discuss your needs and budget and how we can accommodate your business.

Finding the Best Business Lawyer In Niagara

Now that you've got these tips in hand, you can use them to find the best business lawyer in Niagara. J Leigh Daboll has both the experience and notoriety for making him the perfect choice for your business' legal needs. Contact us today to start the process of building your business into what you've always dreamed it could become.


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