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Common Issues in Agricultural Law a Lawyer Can Help With

Agricultural Law a Lawyer Can Help

Agriculture law is a field that deals with legal issues that involve nature and farmlands. This raises a few interesting questions, though.

What kind of legal issues fit those circumstances? How common are agricultural legal issues in Canada? We'll discuss some of the most common problems that an agriculture lawyer deals with in this article.

Pollution and Emissions

The biggest struggle of this generation is, arguably, the environment. Climate change has been a major issue in the past few decades.

In recent years, state and world leaders have been pushing for hard limits on carbon emissions and other forms of pollution. These laws deal with nature and agriculture and would be handled by an agricultural lawyer should issues arise.

Agricultural Chemicals

In addition to the chemicals that corporations are letting off as by-products, there are some that were introduced for use in agriculture that have since been called into question. The biggest offender as of late has been Monsanto with its commercial weed killer, Round-Up.

Round-Up is one of the most popular weed killers in the world, but it's been a subject of controversy since the 1980s, roughly a decade after it was released. There are now class-action lawsuits against Monsanto claiming that the product causes cancer. These suits would qualify as agricultural law because of their use in farming.

Property Disputes

The most common issues that agricultural lawyers deal with are property disputes. More than one-fifth of legal complaints in Canada in 2021 involved property damage, disputes, or private property issues. Next was a three-way tie between poor medical treatment, harassment and discrimination.

We've all seen samples of this play out on television if not in real life. It includes things like zoning laws and what happens if something you own ends up in the neighbour's yard. It also covers building permits, private vs. public property, and HOA regulations.

Food Growth and Preparation

Safety regulations regarding food and how it's grown also count as agricultural laws. This includes things like food businesses and surface rights. Any agriculture, whether it be food or good-related, is governed by agricultural law.

Agriculture Law and What it Covers

Agriculture law is a fascinating field that includes a wide range of subjects. We've discussed some of the cases that agriculture lawyers deal with in this article, but there's always more to know.

You can learn more about agriculture law and various other legal fields by looking around our website. If you have any questions or concerns or are in need of a good agriculture lawyer in Niagara or St.Catharines, feel free to contact us at J. Leigh Daboll. We'd be happy to help.


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